Often cited as sharing similarities with Cindy Sherman, Catherine Gomersall has used photographic self-portraiture as a mode of criticism since the early years of her practice, before the rise of smartphone photography and social media to a mainstream household hobby and pastime.  In 2013, the artist started working as a consultant in the internet marketing realm, the principal founder of her consultancy, Disruptor, which now publishes art books, starting with her own 'Tinder Machina' and 'Tinder Lucida'. As a social media consultant, Catherine deepened her fascination with social media as a tool for use by artists through her practice. To begin with, she developed a conference to bring together practitioners working in experimental applications of screen technologies, and began using social media networks as her main medium, staging regular online ‘postmedia’ discussions. These projects have been developed and presented on the internet, and have commented on internet culture: 'The Tinder Project' interrogating online dating and internet rape culture, various experiments with online marketplaces, for example 'My Corporate Wardrobe' on Ebay, and 'Catherine Gomersall Needs Therapy', a social media project exposing our culture of advice seeking and giving as well as the power relations and roles normatively assumed by subjects in both virtual and meatspace.
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